What does LTC Worx do for me?

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Get optimal access to your resources and use them more efficiently than ever with LTC Worx.

Know the status of your business

With LTC Worx you always know the status of your business. LTC Worx handles all sorts of language projects and multiple sites, so all your business and project related data is stored in one location. All this information can be used to create instant management and financial summaries as well as statistical and graphical reports. Keeping a constant eye on your cash flow, productivity and request/order situation has never been this easy. Furthermore, with LTC Worx you can manage your business anywhere, any time. It is completely web based, works on most browsers, and is therefore operating system independent.

Manage all your language projects

Whether you localise, interpret, translate, publish, teach or consult, or do a bit of everything – LTC Worx can handle it. You can create your own workflow templates for each kind of project and then customize them for specific projects as they arise. You decide how many steps you need in each workflow, who is responsible for these steps, and which can be automated. Translation, localisation and publishing workflows can be based on documents, files and deadlines, whereas interpreting, consulting or training workflows are organized according to time slots and locations.

Manage multiple sites

LTC Worx offers comprehensive features to enhance collaboration between sites for multi site operations. LTC Worx can manage different currencies, time zones and invoicing requirements. Resources and projects can be moved and shared between sites effortlessly. Also, managers can retrieve detailed reports for each individual site as well as for the whole operation as all the data for all the sites is held in one place.

Roles, Access rights a flexible user management

Training your team and getting new employees to follow your procedures is quick and easy with LTC Worx. You set up LTC Worx to represent the workflow you wish your team to follow. The software can then be set up so that every user only has access to information relevant to them. This means that each user has to learn only those parts of the software they actually use and see only those steps in the workflow they need to control. This means consistency in your processes with minimum training and efficient management across your entire operation.

Language Project Managers

LTC Worx is a great tool for project managers. It helps you to manage your projects and resources optimally and supports maintaining good customer and supplier relationships.

Manage your projects efficiently

LTC Worx manages all your multilingual projects - from the simple bilingual short term translations to the most complex multilingual multiphase and multi-site projects. You create standard workflows once for all types of standard projects. When that type of project arises you simply apply the workflow, choose your suppliers and you’re go! Whenever you need to spring into action LTC Worx will let you know. When you are asked to manage a special project you simply modify your existing workflows or create one from scratch. It can be simple or complex, and involve as many or few steps and actors as you need.

Collaborate effectively

Collaboration between all of these actors has never been easier, thanks to LTC Worx’ comprehensive portal facilities. All players log in to the same web portal to access information that is relevant to them. Almost real time Information exchange between project managers, client and supplier contacts is possible via task notes. LTC Worx uses the latest security technology. This means complete peace of mind for you. And you can chat on-line.

Create quotations quickly

Thanks to LTC Worx you can create quotes or complete those requested by your client on-line in moments. Once a quote has been accepted, a project can be generated from it at the click of a button.

Document management

LTC Worx offers comprehensive document management. Its check-out and check-in, versioning and roll back features mean you have full control over all documents relevant to your project at all times.

Finance Directors

Choosing LTC Worx to optimise multilingual project management is easy for Financial Directors. An extremely short return on investment (ROI), transparent total cost of ownership TCO, and the option of taking advantage of LTC’s Software as a Service (SaaS), mean maximum impact with relatively little investment. Our users have reported an increase in productivity of up to 300%. This means an average ROI of only a few months.

LTC Worx’ scalability also gives you peace of mind: LTC Worx adapts to your processes and is flexible enough to change and grow with you. With LTC Worx you do not have to sacrifice your’ tried and tested processes when implementing a business system. Furthermore, no matter how your company changes, grows or diversifies, LTC Worx can adapt and support you.

Of course LTC Worx has many more benefits for you. With LTC Worx all of your language and even authoring, and DTP related projects are handled in one place, even for different sites in different locations. That means that you can get an instant overview of the cost of multilinguality, and the profitability of all your company’s global activities instantly. LTC Worx makes planning your business and financial strategy much easier.

LTC has built interfaces with finance systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft for our corporate and institutional clients, and with QuickBooks for LSPs in many countries, synchronizing, streamlining and integrating our business technology with the finance systems used in the relevant countries, according to their respective currencies, tax and VAT arrangements.

Network Administrators

Deploying and maintaining LTC Worx is an effortless exercise for Network Administrators.


Network Administrator LTC Worx was developed employing secure development best practices. It includes security features such as database encrypted user and banking details as well as supporting IIS SSL encryption to keep your data safe over the wire.

Fits into existing IT infrastructure

LTC Worx has fully documented APIs that enables connectivity with popular third-party software. This means that it can be made to fit right into your IT infrastructure, working with much of the software you already use.

Scalable & easy to maintain

LTC Worx is an ASP .NET application that requires only a Windows Server running IIS and the .NET framework. As a result it is very portable, allowing you to move to more powerful servers as your needs grow. Furthermore all license management is handled centrally and client workstations only need an internet browser to access LTC Worx.

Software as a service

If preferred, you can utilise our “Software as a Service” (SaaS) option, which allows you to take advantage of a hosted and fully managed software service, without any infrastructure requirements on your part.