LTC Worx manages all your multilingual business processes:

LTC Worx can handle workflows for quoting and project management for all your language projects including Translation, Localization, Interpreting, Subtitling, Consultancy and Language Training. But LTC Worx can be used to manage much more: Publishing Authoring, DTP, Transcription and more...

Translation, Authoring, DTP, Publishing

LTC Worx has all the features you need to manage translation, and other text oriented tasks such as authoring, DTP, publishing, etc... Whether you are authoring or translating a small text or translating a huge set of technical manuals - with LTC Worx you can handle it effortlessly.


Thanks to its flexibility and scalability LTC Worx performs especially well when it comes to the managing the complex processes of localization.You have full control over project structures, workflow, and you can use portals to optimize collaboration between all actors.Special templates allow you to manage linguistic tasks such as translation, linguistic testing, etc, as well as non-linguistic tasks such as engineering. It is also easy to involve your clients - be they internal departments or customers - in rebuilds, testing, etc...

Interpreting, Consultancy

LTC Worx is the only business information and workflow management system that has templates created especially for the information needed to manage any kind of interpreting project. Whether you are organizing interpreting for a whole conference, court interpreting, face-to-face or telephone interpreting, LTC Worx can handle it.

The templates make it easy to assign a resource to perform a task at a certain time in a certain place. Thanks to web portals both you and your interpreter can check schedules, and upload and download additional information.LTC Worx can even help you manage the lending and/or letting of interpretation equipment,as well as the resources for setting up.

These templates are also great for other tasks and projects such as consultancy.

Subtitling, Dubbing, Transcription

Subtitling, transcription and similar projects take advantage of all of LTC Worx' templates, as they often require a mixture of all sorts of tasks. Use the 'text processing' templates to manage the translation of scripts, or transcriptions of recordings.  'Interpreting' templates can be used to book resources to come to a certain place to at a certain time for a certain number of hours, like voice artists for dubbing or an recording engineer. 'Other' templates let you manage tasks that are not language related such as engineering, laser engraving and the like. 

Other Projects and Tasks

Thanks to its superior flexibility, powerful templates and comprehensive functionality LTC Worx can be used to manage all sorts of service-driven projects. Discuss your needs with our consultants today by contacting us or requesting a demo!