LTC Worx boosts productivity:

Graph pointing upwardsLTC Worx boosts productivity thanks to features specifically created to meet the challenges you face when managing multilingual projects. These features have allowed our users to realize increased productivity of up to 200%, resulting in significant return on investment (ROI).

A host of language-specific project features

LTC Worx was specifically designed to address the challenges faced in the management of multilingual projects. In comparison to generic tools, a myriad of small features add up to a significant increase in productivity. These features include:

Connections to the specific tools you need

Everyone has tools, which they require to to perform at the most optimal level. At Agile, we develop the linguistic tools, financial systems, and other software you want to connect with and automate using LTC Worx. We therefore develop 'out of the box' adapters for these tools. We also provide powerful, documented application programing interfaces (APIs) that allow you or a third-party to create these adapters. Find out more about integrations, adapters and add-ins in the Agile Marketplace, in addition to information about custom adapter integration in the Service section!

Rich, searchable, data on resources

When managing a language-specific project, finding the right internal and external human resources or agencies is often one of the most time-consuming jobs. Securing the appropriate resources with the necessary skills is imperative to ensure high quality, and a large database of such resources to choose from helps generate the best price.

Finding and securing the appropriate resources for your project is easy with LTC Worx. LTC Worx's houses extremely detailed information for all resources. It is easy to find the required resources quickly and efficiently. This includes standard information such as skills, availability, work history, location, in addition to featuring the information you need to assign translators, interpreters, localization specialists, etc. including searches according to: 

  • Language pair
  • Subject areas
  • Pricing
  • Linguistic tools
Choose your mix of search criteria :: Optional searches for language pairs and prices, subject areas, availability, tools, etc... Tick a box to include the option in the search :: Search by skill, language pair, your rating and price in the Language pair/Price search, for example

Language specific task templates

LTC Worx features templates in which you can store all information related to your project according to the specific language.This means that you can store language-specific project and task data quickly and intuitively, which means a significant time savings.

Translation Task Template :: Enter language direction, workloads and other information in one convenietent, tabbed record